cosa vedere ad agra

Culture- On these extraordinary journeys, you get to unlock some hidden facts of a new culture as you witness their new customs and rituals.

India and its seasons! The rainy season, also known as the monsoon season, is very popular in India because it provides enough water for agricultural land.

On the other hand, to travel, we are sometimes afraid to spoil our stay in the rain.

No worries, India being a full-fledged sub-continent, the monsoon is a well-defined trajectory each year.

It begins in July in the southwestern region of Kerala, then goes back through Bombay before joining Rajasthan and Delhi, mainly in the month of August. In August and September, the clouds descend to the south, but to the east this time, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

We can expect the showers mostly in the evening and at night, which will not prevent you from visiting the monuments planned in the program.

The advantages of a summer stay are of course the attractive prices, the calm at the sites but also, for the lovers of Ayurveda, the best period for a cure.

If, however, you want to escape the humidity, do not forget the Himalayan part of India: Ladakh, also called Little Tibet. A breath-taking region, with its extraordinary and unique landscapes in the world. You can climb the highest road in the world, discover the life of nomads, rafting or trekking and of course discover the Buddhist religion.

A trip to Ladakh combines perfectly with a trip to the Taj Mahal on the way out or back.

Come and enjoy this multi-cultural destination in the monsoons!